Organic Silver Dollar Pancakes (Trader Joe’s)



Probably the cutest thing to ever hit grocery stores were mini everything.  Hell even Reeses went mini.  Bite size things are not only cute, but very convenient as you can eat them on the run or in the car.  Ever try to eat a whole muffin in the car on the commute to work?  Now, that’s a mess.  Smaller versions of things, also, became very kid friendly.  Eggo went with mini waffles to corner the kiddo market, and then mini pancakes that I grew up knowing as ‘silver dollar’ pancakes.  Needless to say I was taken back when I strolled over to the frozen breakfast section of Trader Joe’s and spotted their Organic Silver Dollar Pancakes.  Of course they found their way into my basket and into my heart.  Here’s what I did with them:


add some fruit for a nutritional boost!

I’m not the biggest fan of prepared food, but I don’t have the time to whip up pancake batter and clean up after myself every morning.  So, TJ’s miniature pancakes make for a really nice options for those moments when I’m craving some flapjacks on a busy morning.  Getting them ready is pretty easy as well.  The box gives you directions on heating them in microwave or a toaster oven.  I chose the latter and in less than 10 minutes I had hot pancakes ready to go.  While these little guys were getting a tan in my toaster oven, I sliced some strawberries and warmed some maple syrup in a ramekin.  The act of eating these bite sized pancakes was the most enjoyable part.  It was really fun taking them and pinching a few strawberries in between each side like a taco, and then, dunk them into the warm syrup.  Kids are going to love these and I’m pretty sure that parents will feel a little better about them as they contain ‘organic’ in their title.  At $1.99, Trader Joe’s isn’t trying to steal a few bucks out of your wallet as most stores will do once that ‘o’ word is printed on the label.

Great ingredients and an even better price round out what these silver dollar sized pancakes are all about.  This is a great product for anyone who is constantly rushing out the door in the A.M. or even for those parents that need something fun and easy to feed their kids for breakfast.  Although, I highly suggest adding some fruit as there’s isn’t too much that separates a pancake from a cookie, and FORK U to a parent  who serves cookies for breakfast.

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