Turkey Pot Pie (Trader Joe’s)


Trader Joe’s always has a pretty nice assortment of fresh prepared dishes, saving their consumers a few minutes in the kitchen.  They’re usually well portioned dishes made to serve 2 hungry adults. Although, I like to cook, there are times where I find myself in those moments where I need something quick and easy.  So, I strolled up to the fresh section of TJ’s, ready to dive into a new product.  Answering my desire was a Turkey Pot Pie, and with the upcoming holiday I figured that I would get a head start.

Surveying the packaging, I read that this pot pie was made with white turkey meat (I guess this is a selling point), root vegetables, turkey gravy, and cornbread stuffing.  Just as I had thought, it was pretty much like a chicken pot pie, but the twist is the cornbread stuffing.
Anxious to see how different this made this pie from any other one, I instantly cranked up the oven to 375 and readied the dish for the oven.  After a 20 minute ride in the oven, I took the turkey pot pie out of its plastic oven-safe container and centered it on my dish.  The turkey gravy (which is composed of entirely chicken products?) was a little thin and the peas, carrots, and mushrooms spilled out from under the flaky crust.  I gripped my fork and cut into the crust and gathered a bit of gravy and veggies.  Looking at this first bite I noticed a lack of stuffing and turkey.  This pot pie, ran on the light side as far as those items are concerned, and at $6.99 made this dish not quite the value that I was accustomed to with a Trader Joe’s product.  I made my way through this 2 person dish, as I was incredibly hungry feeling a little less than satisfied with my choice.

It’s rare that I’m disappointed in a TJ’s product.  I had some high expectations for this dish.  On the whole the gravy was more like soup, and the turkey was lacking.  Getting excited about the stuffing turned out to be my greatest mistake.  I have a feeling that this item will probably sell, and I feel bad for the shoppers sure that they’re buying their newest favorite item.  Instead, they’re just getting a big FORK U from their favorite neighborhood grocery store.


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