Turkey Gobbler Wrap (Trader Joe’s)

It’s about time TJ’s offered up some more seasonal inspired fare for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I have run myself through the pumpkin gauntlet and am pretty burned out on that orange gourd and the spiced items that go with it.  So, the other day while searching for something on my lunch break, I spotted a wrap that was geared towards the hoards of shoppers looking for Thanksgiving items.  The Turkey Gobbler Wrap presented itself among the other prepared deli items with an autumn themed label sure to catch your eye.  I picked it up and checked out.


gobble gobble

I was in a bit of a hurry and tore through the wrapper with just enough time to glance at the label to see just what I was eating.  I’m not a picky eater at all, so there was really nothing that was going to shock me too much, and I anticipated this wrap to contain almost everything that I would see on a Thanksgiving table.  In this wrap was a blend of roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and cream cheese.  It all sounded good to me, and I proceeded to tear into it.  My first bite consisted mostly of moist stuffing that was surprisingly tasty.  I ripped into the wrap a little more and my next mouthful was a medley of everything Thanksgiving .  The turkey was savory, the cranberries sweet, and the cream cheese brought it all together with its velvety texture.  I was immediately a fan and quickly finished off this new product from TJ’s.

It’s products like these from Trader Joe’s that keeps me coming back in on a weekly basis.  The lineup of new products never seems to leave me in a ho-hum mood.  The range of products is quite immense and when they crank up their imagination and start running wild with seasonal delights such as these, they increase their chances exponentially of retaining the foodies such as myself.  So, if you’re a fan of Thanksgiving fare, and are in a bind for lunch, I suggest getting in your FORKing car and diving head first into the Turkey Gobbler Wrap at your local Trader Joe’s.


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